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Daily Art(sy): LittleLooney [COMICS]
Hello everypony!:love:   
TBH: I came across LittleLooney's comics and was like:
"Oh... Ok? "Traditional Drawn Comics"? Weeeeeeeell..."
But... BUT: I laughed! They're adorable and definitely have a very, very good humor x3
I watched LittleLooney - I know he'll become a BIG one :3
Check it out, I guarantee it's totally worth it x3

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Which Cider You On?
Got another brand new Moonbeam comic for you, this one featuring everyone's favorite applebucking pony Applejack!

Hope you like it! :)
Who said what now!?!
Yes, that's a Twitter reply from Big Jim Miller, the director of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. :o (Eek) Just so you know it's 100% real, the link to the thread is below.…
Truth or Dare
What's that you say? You want a new Moonbeam comic? Well then, your wish is granted! Aside from the obvious sci-fi theme, I thought I'd experiment with a couple new things in this comic. I'm trying out a larger panel size and typed dialogue in hopes of making the comics a little more readable.

Either way, I hope you enjoy it! :)
Early Moonbeam concept sketch
I got a special treat for you today! I dug up the very first sketch of Moonbeam to show what she looked like when I was originally developing her. Probably the first difference you'll notice is that she was originally conceived as a pegasus pony. I ditched the wings when I realized that meant she could just easily fly into outer space instead of observing it from the ground. It also took away the need of her telescope and covered up her cutie mark. You'll also notice the slight difference in the mane design. This version was meant to resemble a full moon and it was final for a while until I had the plushie commissioned (Thanks, :iconkazzysplushemporium:!). If I had kept that design, that would have meant that entire side of her face would have been covered. Yeah, it looked good on paper but no so good on a plushie. Some more minor differences include the thicker eyelashes, the slightly different cutie mark, and the shorter tail. The eyelashes and cutie mark were eventually simplified in later drawings. Finally, her name was originally going to be Star Moonbeam, which was the name of the character in the game where I got the name from, Backyard Baseball 2001. I decided to shorten it to just Moonbeam so as not to be accused of plagiarism.

And that, my friends, is how Moonbeam was created. :) (Smile) 


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United States
Just your average Joe who loves drawing and animation. New drawings appear whenever there's time!


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